Link Page

These are the links I've found useful in my jukebox adventure.

The inComplete Jukebox
This is the most comprehensive webiste for jukeboxe information. Here's you'll find photos, history, production rates, music hit charts, etc. It was on this site I found the history of my 450.
Rock-Ola Jukebox Site
This is an informational site specific to Rock-Ola with model listings, history and a break down of the general operation of a Rock-Ola system. Some links to commercial sites for parts and manuals are also included.
A-1 Jukebox & Nostalgia, Inc.
This company is located in Baltimore and carries parts for several models of Rock-Ola. Unfortunately they don't carry a lot of parts for the 450, except for the turntable mounting grommets I needed!
The Jukebox Man
This website is a commercial site with lots of parts, manuals, needles, etc. along with good discussion pages and articles. Helpfull for all makes and models.

I have found most of my restoration parts on eBay. I've purchased my cartridge, the trouble shooting manual, the service manual off of ebay and have great experiences to date. The link to the right is the 'saved search' link that I use for watching eBay for the parts I need or just for great deals.