In early May of 2008 I found for sale a listing in a local online classified what was described as a 1973 Jukebox for the low price of $100. Well, I sent the link for the list to Shannon and told her I would like to see about purchasing this machine if it was in repairable shape. She agree and now I am a proud owner of Rock-Ola Model 450 Jukebox!

I created this page and the subsequent pages as a means to record my experience and hopefully to be of assistance to others who may have a Rock-Ola machine that need help in their restorations efforts.
Here's what I know about my Model 450:

Manufactured in 1973, it holds 80 records. She weights in around 345lbs with the records! Standing 4ft tall and 3ft 4in wides she in impressive and yet not overbearing in a room. She is one out of approximately 8,450 made with a serial number 505,xxx that fell with in the known range of 500,095 through 508,418. Not a rare model as the model 450 is the 13th most produced model between the years of 1936 and 1989. Rock-Ola produced approximately 430,000 total betwen 1935 and 1989 when they discontinued models that played 45s. This give the model 450 a percentage of total production of 1.8% which is still a pretty small number.

The internal workings were pretty much the same for many years prior and many years after the 450. There were various improvements in specific areas such as the button selection process and the external accesories capablities. Rock-Ola had a very strong base product and it was on that foundation they retained their loyal following.