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Our Experience The Deal!
After much frustration with our current local home phone service provider (Sage Telecom) we began looking at alternatives. Since we already have broadband internet service through our cable TV connection (Charter Communications) I decided we should look into Voice Over IP (VOIP) services. There are several companies offering VOIP services and I did extensive research on all of them. Based on the customer service reviews, Telecommunication trade publication reviews, home computing web site reviews and personal experiences of current users, we decided to go with Vonage.

Here is the way the processed worked:

June 2, 2005
Ordered service that included the Cisco Router/VOIP system device.

June 3, 2005
Received notification that the router was shipped via DHL.
Completed online form with Vonage to move our existing number to Vonage
Completed online form with Vonage for 911 service information (VERY IMPORTANT)

June 6, 2005
Received Cisco router and connect to our home network.
Connected single phone to router and started using service.
Set up voice mail parameters and System Outage Call Forward number.
Made several calls and found clarity and quality of sound to be excellent.

June 15, 2005
Received email from Vonage stating number transfer to happen today.
Phone number transferred to Vonage from Sage around 2pm.
Unplugged the house from the external phone network
Used a standard phone extension cord to connect the Cisco Router to a phone jack.
Calls received and made with huge improvement in quality over Sage.
As you can tell from the timeline to the left, the transfer was quick and painless. Here's the real kicker, we expect to save over $300 in our first year over what we were paying for our local service. ***PLUS*** since we selected the nationwide service, we can call anywhere in the US and talk as long as we want to for free, yes FREE! With our Sage account we had only 100 minutes of nationwide long distance.

Because of Vonage's 'Refer a Friend' program I can help you get signed up and get you a free month of service! So, if you decide to make the move, simply click on the 'Yes I want it!' button and it will create an email to me. Shortly there after you will receive an email from Vonage with instructions for signing up and getting your fee months of service.

The big question is, will Vonage work for you? Well there are a few items that make this service work so well for us. These are also the things you should consider:

Broadband Internet - This is a must have. While Vonage can be done over a DSL connection I really wouldn't recommend it and here's why. For us, Vonage was a way to get rid of the phone company and their monthly charges. If you use Vonage with your DSL service, you don't get rid of the DSL line charge. However, there may still be some benefits to using Vonage so don't stop here.

High cost of phone service - The level of service that we selected included the unlimited nation wide calling and cost us about $25 a month. Sage monthly charges ranged from $48 to over $50 depending upon our long distance usage. You can get Vonage with 500 minutes of long distance for as little as $15 a month.

Voice Mail - Included with the Vonage service (at any level) is voice mail. At one time we had two answering machines attached to our phone lines in hopes that at least one of them would work consistent enough to capture the calls. Vonage voice mail can be set to send email notifications (including the actual voice message) to any email address you specify.

    Overview of Features & Functions
  • Clear Digital sound with minimal to no background noise.
  • Back up number for system problems (redirect to your cell phone should your line be down).
  • Full Caller ID support and pass through to other CID devices.
  • No change to existing equipment.
  • Multiple line capabilities.
  • Toll Free number(s) for as little as $5 a month with 100 free minutes.
  • Specify regional phone number for as little as $5 a month. (Removes long distance incoming calls from specific area code).
  • Call history for all calls (local and long distance) and available with in minutes actual call.
  • Portable service for travelers for $9 a month. Device connects to your laptop and redirects calls to the portable device.
  • Fast efficient customer service.
  • Transferring of numbers in most areas allows you to keep your current phone number.

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