Satel-LIGHT Images

   TerraServer is Microsofts project that displays the images from various satellite images and surveys. I got the idea for this page one day as I was trying to draw in the exact location of the Sabine Pass Lighthouse on a map I have on my office wall. The following links will open a new window that will display the maximum zoom of the lighthouse from the TerraServer web site. To use these links most effectively, click on one link and let the new window open. Don't close that window but click back to the window this page is displayed in and select your next choice. The next one will appear in the same window as the previous one, thus speeding up the displays. Have fun!

TerraServer Link
Location in photo
Found By
Web Site URL
Sabine Pass, Texas Center Rusty Key
Bolivar, Texas Left Upper Quadrant Rusty Key None
Matagorda Island, Texas Left Upper Quadrant Rusty Key
Port Isabel, Texas Center Rusty Key
Cape Neddick, Me Center Rusty Key
Portland Head, Me Center/Lower Rusty Key
Dry Tortugas, Fl Right Corner of Octogon Rusty Key
North Head, Wa Center Rusty Key None
Statue of Liberty, NY Center Rusty Key
Cape Hatteras, NC Center Rusty Key
Alcatraz Is., Ca. Lower/Center Rusty Key

If you explore the TerraServer and find a lighthouse that I do not have listed here, please email me with the web page URL of the TerraServer of the lighthouse image. I'll then include it here in my list and give you credit for finding it. Don't forget to tell me the Official name of the lighthouse and if it has a web site of it's own so I can include it as well!

Rusty Key

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