Matagorda Island Lighthouse - Photo Gallery

Here's a few pictures that I took during a recent trip with a Lighthouse Enthusiast Group from Houston. The lighthouse is located on the Matagorda Island Wildlife State Park and is only accessiable by their ferry. It was a great trip.. but one suggestion if you decide to venture there.. bring Deep Woods Off! The mosquitoes are plentiful!

Click on the image for a larger view.

A shot from a short distance. You can see the surrounding sunflowers which are very beautiful when in full bloom.
Here is a group braving the mosquiteos to get a better look.
Standing next to her and looking up.. she is quite a grand lady.
Here's a view inside. Note the panels bolted together and the braces between the walls and ladder.
I was surprised at the good condition of the top and all the orginal glass that remained.
Here's a view from some distance away that shows the surrounding landscape.
The lighthouse keepers had a family cemetery which is about 50 yards from the lighthouse itself.
A close view of the base.. note it's just bolted to the concrete!
A shot of the tower from ground level. This picture I have blown up and framed and it turned out very good!