Punta Celrain Lighthouse - Photo Gallery

Located on the island of Cozumel, this lighthouse is restored, open to the public and an active aid to navigation. The official name of the beacon is Punta Celerain Faro or Point Watch Lighthouse in english.
We visited the lighthouse on our Honeymoon cruise. The lighthouse is in a national park and for a small fee ($6 each I think) you get a guided tour to the lighthouse, some Myan ruins and the saltwater swap nature reserve.
This was an excellent shore excursion and one we'll remember for years!

Click on the image for a larger view.

A side view from the parking lot showing the complete tower.
A another view of the tower with a touch of vertigo included.
A zoomed shot of the top, note the vents for when it burned a flame.
A view of the keepers quarters (now a museum) and the tower.
The clamshell fresnel lens.
The fresnel lens is a 3rd order (I think).
The old pedestal base from the clockwork is just lying out in the sand behind the 'museum' along with other parts of the pedestal.
A view from the catwalk around the latern room.
The beach view... will take your breath away.
My beautiful wife and I at the top of the lighthouse.